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Times change. Families change. Needs change, too.

Do you need to remodel your kitchen, update a bathroom, add a media room or finish your basement? Built on the strength of Trustway Homes – Stone and Banister will exceed your expectations and create the space of your dreams!

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Carry your dream further.

Our ability to adapt to advancements in our craft is what sets us above other builders — in fact, we’ve pioneered many advanced building techniques that are now common in our market.

Carry Your Dream Further.

In 1997, Trustway Homes was asked by homeowners in Fox Point to remodel their older home (circa 1915’s). The homeowners had a major room that had been remodeled many years prior and was not being used due to the poor design. In addition, the outside living area was not functional, thus it was not being utilized by the family.

Trustway re-designed the room, using false pilasters on the wall to create two distinct spaces. The flat ceiling was turned into a barreled ceiling allowing for arched transom windows on the outside gable wall. Due to the age of the home, the woodwork was exquisite. To ensure that the feeling of the room echoed the millwork in the remainder of the home, Trustway made new knives to create casing and base that matched the original millwork. Upon completion, it was impossible to discern the room as being remodeled. A unique deck with a pergola was designed which created a much more interesting and functional outdoor living space.

After the success of the Fox Point project, it was decided to officially create Stone & Banister, a remodeling company built on the strengths of Trustway Homes, that offers a distinguishable difference in the remodeling market place.

Stone and Banister has already made an impression in the market place by eliminating our customers fear of remodeling. Once your remodeling project begins, you too will be impressed by the quality of our craftsmen, the progress of the job and the professionalism extended during the project.

If your house needs have changed, call us and we can expand your dream!

Whether you’re looking for a new kitchen design, bathroom remodel or finished basement ideas, Stone and Banister will serve as your general contractor to update your home and meet your needs.