Bright Forecast for Trustway Homes

By August 13, 2019 No Comments

As a boy, Joseph Clavette always wanted to be a meteorologist. When it came time for college he attended and graduated from The University of Wisconsin – Madison, the #1 program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Studies (AOS) in the country. After graduation Joseph began his search for a career in his field of Meteorology and called his dad, Steve Clavette for advice.

As it turned out, Joseph’s dream job wasn’t on his radar! Steve has owned Trustway Homes, Milwaukee’s premier home builder for over 25 years. Always knowing Joseph would be the perfect addition to his team, Steve immediately offered him the chance to come onboard, with the goal of someday taking over the business. “The decision was very easy,” said Joseph. “This is an amazing opportunity, so I was quick to jump on it.”

When asked what he most enjoys about his new role, Joseph replied, “for the past 6 years, everything I knew was meteorology! I now have a chance for a new experience and I can already see so many different paths on how I want to possibly run the business in the future.”

There’s also the added benefit of more time spent with family. Joseph’s aunt (Steve’s sister) Amy works at Trustway Homes as well. “I love being able to work alongside my dad and aunt each and every day!”

Now settled into his role, Joseph says his degree has helped him more than he could have ever expected. AOS is one of the more technical majors, not only at Madison but in the country. Joseph says the extensive research conducted throughout his studies has made him into an extremely analytical and organized person, which is critical in his role. Those skills help him to efficiently plan each day, keep track of what’s needed at each home, allocate time accordingly and how all of those things can impact each project and Trustway Homes as a business.

Although Joseph’s forecast has shifted, the future ahead is bright, “I want Trustway Homes to be the best builder in the Milwaukee area!” he said.