Building In The Winter

By December 12, 2014 No Comments

We are often asked, “Do you guys build in the winter?”  The answer is “YES!”   And, to be honest, it is the best time to build.   The reason we say this is because in the winter, the wood may only get snow on it which can easily be shoveled or swept off.   The rest of the year, during framing, the wood can get quite wet.

When the wood gets wet, it absorbs the moisture and can swell.  Once the house is completed, the furnace and air conditioner will dry the home out and the studs will shrink back to their original size.   But, the nail or screw hole gets slightly smaller thus pushing the nail or screw back out resulting in a nail pop.   A nail pop looks like a blister in the paint but in reality it is the nail or screw head slightly lifting up the drywall mud.   At Trustway Homes, we take care of these at the one-year call back but if you build in the winter, there is a less chance of getting nail pops.

Also, if you build with Trustway, we include the excavation no matter the cost.  All other builders in Milwaukee have excavation as an allowance.  Thus, if there are problems with the site, or if the excavator is slow that day he digs your basement, you will pay additional costs for the  excavation.   If you build with Trustway, excavation is included.

If you decide to build in the winter, we include the frost breaking that may be needed.   In the typical Milwaukee winter, if you dig between December – March, the ground will be frozen and a different process must be used to excavate the basement.   When the ground is not frozen, the excavator will use his backhoe to dig the basement.   In the winter with a frozen site, the excavator must first “rip” the frost. This is done by removing the backhoe bucket and installing a large metal device that looks like a TRex finger nail.   He rips the ground in long streaks until he is through the frost.   If the frost is deep, this could take two days.   With Trustway as your builder, you have no expense.  With all other Milwaukee builders, you will be charged for this work.

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