Items to Consider Including in Your New Home

By March 13, 2015 No Comments

Winter is almost over so we can not help ourselves and think about the warm weather ahead.   Spring is the time many buyers start strongly considering building a new home.

There are many decisions to be made but don’t forget this is Wisconsin and as much as we want to deny it, we basically have cold, winter weather for at least four months of every year.

We would like to suggest three products you should consider what to include in your new home.

1) Ice and Water Shield at the valleys and eaves.   Ice and Water Shield is a self-adhering underlayment designed to protect the home from wind driven rain and ice dams.  When it is installed, it creates a weather-tight bond between the roof deck.  Every few years, we get the type of winter weather conditions that create ice dams at the gutters.

Ice dams are a natural occurrence.  Adding Ice ad Water Shield can prevent any damage from a severe winter.

2) Hybrid Insulation System. Our homes come with R-21 batt insulation at the exterior walls.   To completely close off the outside from getting into your home, we can use a hybrid insulation system where 1″ of a closed cell foam spray is applied to the exterior walls.  This seals up the walls and prevents any air infiltration.  We then add a batt of R-19 fiberglass insulation to each cavity.

The comfort level with a hybrid insulation system is immediately noticeable.

3) Honeywell Lyric Thermostat. This is their latest and greatest thermostat.   Basically, the thermostat runs off your smartphone.  Your smartphone is registered to the thermostat.  Then, it works based on the thermostat reading where you are in proximity of the home.   You are able to set the distance so if you are at work, it knows to go into the “leave” mode.  When you return, it knows to go into the “return” mode.   You can control it from anywhere you are as long as you have your smartphone with you.